WORLDLE: Wordle for countries

Play Worldle today! It's like Wordle, but for countries. You get six chances to guess the country, shown only the silhouette.

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About Worldle

Challenge yourself! Can you identify a hidden country's outline on the world map within 6 attempts? While many of us are familiar with country names and their capitals from our school days, recognizing the unique outlines of each country might be a tad more challenging. Enter Worldle, a game designed to test your knowledge of country shapes. Over 200 countries dot our planet. Sure, you might remember the shape of your homeland, but what about the distinct outlines of other nations? Our game provides hints to assist, as without them, this challenge might become quite tricky. Interested in testing your geographic memory? See if you can identify both neighboring and distant countries from continents like Africa, Asia, and South America. While some countries might seem obvious, others will require a bit of thought. Use the hints to find out how close you are to the correct answer and in which direction to think – west or east. Accumulate points with each correct guess. This game is similar to Globle

How to Play Worldle

  • Start Simple: View the country's contour you need to guess. Unsure? Make any guess, then click the "Guess" button.
  • Hints Help: If incorrect, hints will indicate direction and proximity to the right answer. A higher percentage means you're close!
  • Six Tries: While some might get it on the first attempt, everyone gets a total of 6 tries. If unsuccessful, just start over.
  • Expert Mode: Want more of a challenge? Hide country contours in the game settings.